Friday, July 13, 2012

Pentax Ricoh Digital Camera Products Shuffle

"Noboru Akabane, President of Pentax Imaging Ricoh, announced plans to abolish future Pentax compact digital cameras and focus on DSLRs. All future compact cameras will be under the Ricoh brand while DSLR and mirrorless camera will be under the Pentax name."

Japanese Asahi News reports (log-in required to read article).

Via Photo Rumors via Digicame Info (Japanese).

So, this will soon marks an end to the Optio series of Pentax DCs. Yet another really very sad thing for Pentax fans, for sure! :-(

Btw, as a genuine die-hard supporter of the brand (not by mouth, but by purchases and actions! ;-p), I have the first Optio model of theirs and almost the last, see below:-

Originally posted: The World First / Pentax First: My (Obsolete) Pentax Collection

Originally posted: My Take (Tick) on the WG-1 GPS! ;-)

I need to say once again it is super sad after all!! >_<

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