Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Q and K-5II/s Firmwares Released

The ever shortest-life Pentax firmware of the V1.11 for the Q has been substituted, here comes the V1.12:-

Changes to V1.12
  • Corrected --- Tone Expansion of Smart Effect is not effect correctly in firmware version 1.11.
  • Improved stability for general performance.

And also a new firmware for the K-5II/s, in V1.04:-

Changes to V1.04
  • Corrected – Switch operation may not rarely work during displaying Status screen in firmware version 1.03.
  • Improved stability for general performance.

So, good luck this time! Any user should rush to the Pentax website to download these to update before it is pulled down so suddenly and quickly again, owing to a bug that is not told only after several weeks! Great! Go, go, go and act fast!! ;-D

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