Saturday, April 06, 2013

New K-30 Firmware V1.04

Since the last firmware release for the K-30 (V1.03) was buggy (for instance, quite some K-30 users reported that the machine hanged up from time to time), Pentax has released a new firmware version to correct the errors:-

I hope this time it will work.

On the other hand, the new Q firmware of the V1.11 was withdrawn just within one day after it had been published. Up till now, the debugged version has not been out yet. Now, people has been guessing what the bugs are actually about. Someone reported that it is the wrong metering, someone reported that it is the wrong shutter count, someone reported that the camera locked up when doing AF at low light and so on..

After all, I have lost my confidence on the software quality control of Pentax. Next time when a new firmware is released, I shall wait and see if it is yet once again "not yet ready"! >:-(

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