Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Thread to Help Jim Malcolm of Ricoh Pentax USA

What we can see in the thread, as quoted or posted are: Desperate Pentaxians are leaving, the ship is sinking, the salesman was bull-shitting, stupid fanboys who bought very little Pentax stuff and rather infrequently responded and defended in between the dialogues..

So, if you have an account over there, you are encouraged to post something to respond, so as to help Jim, for what he had asked!

You can also respond here btw if you wish~

N.B. The headline of "Ricoh Pentax USA" is NOT a Typo as Jim was actually a Ricoh man rather a true Pentax' guy before he replaced Ned Bunnell. And now there is a new Ricoh Japanese boss above him who is stationed in the US anyway.

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