Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No FA Limited Mentioned/Listed in the Latest Lens Brochure Published by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas

First of all, download and read this well-prepared brochure from the Pentax Imaging website:-

Next, the FA Limited is nowhere mentioned in the above brochure, whilst the latest DA offering including the DA560 lens is there. So, what does this mean?!

Does it hint that the FA Limited and the old Pentax film lenses are being faded out?? :-o

Whilst other major old film mount camera makers, namely, Canon, Nikon and Sony, are rushing to compete in Full Frame, it is really super frustrating to see Pentax is running in the opposite direction instead, i.e., away from FF and "concentrate" further back to APS-C!

The new DA560 lens is just a strong hint, which was tested and proven to be an APS-C lens for its image circle but not 135 FF compatible! Also, the DA560 lens is the first Pentax telephoto lens that is NOT FF compatible, DA or not!

After all, I feel obliged to state that there must be something wrong in the brains of those Ricoh Pentax' management heads. If they just wanted to kill the K-mount and make it obsolete or just to change it into a pure APS-C system, why bought and acquired the brand and company?! >:-(

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