Friday, April 12, 2013

Disassemble a DSLR and Inspecting a Mirror-Locked MZ Body

URL: (EOS 50D)

URL: (EOS 1000D)

The procedures are shown clearly and it is carried out in a professional manner.

Besides, there is a guide for how to check and try to repair a Pentax MZ film body that had its mirror locked up in the following thread:-
(in Chinese) 

The mirror locked up issue is actually a common issue amongst those MZ bodies, which would show up after some years of use, including mine. I shall try to open the bottom of my locked MZ to check and do it myself later, when I have the time. These cameras are not supported by my local Pentax service centre anyway, I bet. Their usual excuse was that "the body was discontinued for more than ten years ago and the required spare part is not available anymore."! >:-(

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