Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC Watch K-5IIs Vs K-5 Shootout Test, with Large Samples

(in Japanese, but the pictures with quick shooting info underneath speak themselves.)

The colour renditions of the two cameras are indeed different. The focus point of the two cameras are somehow different btw. AF or user error?

For instance, look at this set of f/8 shots, which should usually be the aperture of an APS-C camera at 16M, owing to the diffraction limit:-

K-5's Vs K-5IIs' (Look at the building structures as well as the tree leaves; Click to Enlarge; Large Files!)

For the rest of the review and other samples, just read, download and measurbate yourself! :-)


Yet Another Late K-5IIs Vs K-5 Comparison Review

After More Than Half a Year, DPR's Half-baked Review(s) on the K-5II and IIs are Published!

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