Sunday, February 21, 2010

Made ("Assembled") In Vietnam

It is somehow interesting to continue learn that Pentax is still making some of their classic old lenses at their Vietnam factory, which were actually announced to be discontinued elsewhere in the world long time ago. Recent news:-

That shows that Pentax is still keeping the design and more importantly the parts for manufacturing these. But however, those products are restricted to supply only to the Japanese home market only. Well, maybe those particular MIV lenses are still containing Lead and as such they cannot be sold to the EU countries (or even the States?).

In fact, old lenses that contain the Lead (Oxide) produce superior images than the new ones that are supposed to be Lead Free. I can conclude that quite surely with the new MIV FA 31 that I borrowed from Fred and when it is compared to the early production FA 31 that was made in Japan (but not the later MIJ version).

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