Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Measurbation with Real-world Photos II

Further to my Measurbation with Real-world Photos last time with my Olive K-m, I continue to measurbate my Navy K-x in a similar way by doing real-life shootings and endless and repeated measurbations at the same time! ;-D

I post one latest example produced by my K-x produced with its in-camera JPEG engine, which is a night scene this time, EXIF data preserved, lens used is my early Japanese production FA 43 Limited:-

(Click to Enlarge to 4,000 Pixels in Width, a New Tab/Window Will be Opened)

Happy pixel peeling! Well, it can be seen that my Limited lens actually exceeds the K-x in resolution. So, I am still waiting for a better Pentax DSLR as such! ;->

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