Saturday, November 28, 2009

Measurbation with Real-world Photos! ;-D

The more I used my K-m, the more I appreciate its Image Quality. As a measurbator, I do always view the photos I took in 100% full size to see if its IQ performance aspects are up to my expectations. Honestly speaking, I rarely shot test charts, brick walls or newspapers, all my measurbations are done with real-world photos! ;-D

Well, this time I post some of my recent examples, the 100% crops are also included (with all EXIF data retained). Lens used is my recently mechanically exposure calibrated FA 24-90 AL:-

I must mention that the exposure accuracy is good, colour accuracy is really good and the AF accuracy is not bad either. Of course, the resolution is just very high, which meets most of my needs anyway.

Enjoy! Happy Measurbating, Until the End of the World!! ;-|>

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