Wednesday, April 02, 2014

645Z to Come in Twelve Days


Very possibly using the new Sony 50MP CMOS sensor in 44 x 33mm, with the following key specifications:

  • High sensitivity  ISO100 to ISO6400 (compared to max ISO 800 for most digital backs so far).
  • 14 f-stops dynamic range
  • 50 megapixel CMOS sensor – 44 x 33mm (68% larger than a 35mm sensor).
  • Responsive Live view (20-24 fps).
  • 1.2 fps (interestingly not much faster than CCD based products).
According to the above counter, the announcement will be made in 12 days counting from tomorrow. It will possibly be named as the 645Z. However, Z is not a lucky name for Pentax as it usually meant the last thing that existed right before the whole lineup disappeared, like their Z and MZ families of the K-mount film AFSLRs! :-o

Well, the outlook of this "new" camera:

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