Monday, November 02, 2009

K-7 FW 1.02: Sharpness Vs Fine Sharpness Vs Fine Sharpness 2

Here is the latest full crop illustration by the NeoCamera:-
(Any of all possible settings can be freely selected)

Play with the different settings and find out the differences, yourself!

In short, the Sharpness, Fine Sharpness, Fine Sharpness 2 of the latest Pentax DSLRs (namely, the K-m, K-7 and K-x) are possibly just USM (UnSharp Mask) with different Radius (and certain appropriate Threshold) whilst the Strength can be user defined, i.e., the +/- 4 settings.

To understand more about USM for image sharpening, I recommend the following articles for reading:-
(Explained in a simpler way but still much detailed)
(Explained in a more technical approach (just a little bit) for better understanding on the software manipulation done by the USM)

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