Wednesday, November 04, 2009

JVC and Hoya Negotiate on Pentax Deal?

First, at Japanese Time (UTC+9:00) 15:07 today, here is what the Japanese Yomiuri Online reports:-
(or BabelFish English translation here)

But only after just less than two and a half hours, at 17:46, another report at the Japanese IT Media News writes that both JVC and Hoya have already denied the Yomiuri News:-
(or BabelFish English translation here)

In fact, Hoya has immediately issued an announcement to deny the rumour:-
(in English)

And the "same" announcement from JVC Kenwood as well:-
(in Japanese)

Well, the interesting thing here to note is that the two "denial" announcements are in the same tone and with very similar wordings. What a Coincidence!

So, what is the Truth? What is being negotiated? With Whom? Or is there really Nothing??

Whilst no outsider would know what is the source of that Yomiuri news report and how come, a Chinese Idiom reminds me of something, which says, "No rumour can come out without any reason and anything behind." :-)

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