Saturday, November 07, 2009

Blog Notice: My Yahoo Page Links and Blog Pictures Continue Down! :-(

Further to my Blog notice on October 30, I am sorry to note that my Yahoo page links and hosted pictures are continuously down, even after one week! :-(

I am afraid that my site migration has faced some stitches and what Yahoo has told me it is simply an "User Error"! Damn! When they system and software didn't work, don't work and won't work, their support staff just dare to tell me this silly excuse!? Well, are they Pentax fanboys afterall, as this reason is just so familiar to me! ;-D

Anyway, I shall continue to struggle with them for the issue as I pay them every month. They just shouldn't let my site down for this unacceptably lengthy time without any good reason but just put all the responsibility on the client and user, which is ridiculous and unforgivable! Well, they closed the Geocities, but their current business/service of the Yahoo Web Hosting still sucks!

Last but not least, I apologise for any inconvenience caused to all my affected readers here and I hope things can resume normal very soon and there will be no loss of data and files, hopefully.

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