Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Did It Again! Ricoh GXR "Rumour": Bingo! :-D

Everyday, the Internet is full of rumours and silly imaginations / wishful thinkings about cameras, everywhere!

But I do have a good filtering system set up in my head! ;-) I can feel about the trustfulness and truthfulness of each piece of rumours posted and I can sense which one is truer than the others and whilst others are pure junk, which I ignore!

I did it again this time for the new Ricoh GXR system, back to October:-


Despite that Pentax did have the concept back to Photokina 2006, they had never implemented that. Thus, this innovation and honour now belongs to Ricoh! :-( See:-



Well, since I sense and post no new news and rumours about any upcoming Pentax stuff and gear recently, there will not be any new Pentax gear and announcement in the meantime! ;-D

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