Wednesday, July 28, 2010

K-7 Firmware Update Version 1.10
(in Japanese, English Translation by Google Here)

New Features:-

1. New video editing function for clip splitting and deletion of spilt clip(s);

2. New real-time electronic level display on LCD monitor (like that one in the 645D);

3. Resolved the display conflict between the level meter display and the exposure/metering indication in M and X exposure modes;

4. New Custom Image "Reversal Film" is added (645D has that);

5. (CD)AF can now be engaged under LiveView mode with the shutter release button. And, the AF speed is improved (N.B. which is needed to be verified and confirmed anyway).

Update (7-29): There is a bug report about the Electronic Level's display (in)consistency, see:-

It is reported that whilst the viewfinder and top monochrome LCD both shows the same thing, the back LCD could be different! :-0 So, the 1.11 firmware is coming soon! ;->

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