Thursday, March 28, 2013

K-mount is to be Discontinued and Replaced!?

The rumours continue.. Read this Xitek post (Google translated).

Well, it is told that:-

1. The source of information is from an old classmate of the OP who is now working at Tokina in Japan;

2. There is a collaboration project in progress amongst Pentax Ricoh and Tokina (This is confirmed via the previous news posted by the PF);

3. The March 27 rumour is not true! (Yes, that poster firmly said it was not going to happen when everyone or at least most/many people believed that on the day before, me inclusive of course!)

4. The real planned time-frame for a Pentax FF announcement will be in the second half of this year of 2013;

5. The K-mount will be discontinued! A new mount will be used for the new upcoming FF Pentax body, which is NOT compatible with the old K-mount!

In fact, in a previous Japanese interview with the Pentax Ricoh Head in the fall of last year, that Head did really disclose that they were considering a new mount and the K-mount might be aborted! But now this new rumour says something that is so close! So, could it really happen?! >:-(

If it really happens and the K-mount is aborted, the Pentax sky is really falling and I am sure that they will die in a very short time and Pentax the brand will disappear!!

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