Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recent Pentax and Ricoh Gear Reviews

The Phoblographer has reviewed the K-5II and K-5IIs:-


I think this review is quite user-orientated, so no detailed measurbations are expected. :-)

And just not long time ago, they just made a rumour (which they said themselves was "humour") for a Full Frame Pentax body to come:-

(First reported here.)

Next, the Hongkong-based camera-abuser Digital Rev online gear shop has recently done a video review on the Nikon D7100 compared to the K-5IIs:-


It is a bit boring and lengthy, but yet somehow "precious" considering the number of reviewers who are still willing to do Pentax reviews like this. Yes, how many Pentax gear could they sell actually?

Finally, the Ephotozine has review the Ricoh GR, so just have a look if you're interested in this DC:-


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