Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A "New" Pentax FF Rumour


"Two friends who work at an authorized Pentax dealer told me that there would be a full frame Pentax released by this Halloween. Apparently, the Pentax reps that they are in contact with have passed on the inside information, and they also said that third party lens manufacturers are quietly working on a beginning lens lineup. My friend's exact words were, "the full frame that is coming is going to completely out do all the other FFs from the other manufacturers""

Well, how is the new camera related to the Halloween? Is it something that will be really horrible? :-o Lol.. ;-p And, as for something that will out-do the existing offers, I have no doubt for that! Actually Pentax had successfully achieved that for many times in the past! For instance, the K-01 out-did all the other mirrorless bodies for being both the largest and heaviest! And the Q out-did all the others for having the smallest sensor for an ILDC and thus in the overall size and weight, as a result!

So, the future of Pentax is really Bright then and let's wait for the Halloween! :-D

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