Tuesday, May 07, 2013

TIPA Awards 2013


"The annual meeting of the Technical Image Press Association to vote for the best photographic and imaging products in 2013 was held on 20 April 2013 in Hong Kong.

This year at the TIPA General Assembly 27 member magazines and the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC) of Japan voted for the best product in each category. The General Assembly selected the best photo and imaging products in 2013 in 40 categories.

TIPA has member magazines from nine European countries plus Australia, Canada, China, South Africa and the USA."

Amongst those numerous awards, Pentax (and Ricoh) was and is awarded nothing!

This is expected because if you were one of the judges, what Pentax product would you select for the last year? The rather moderately updated K-5II/s? The (Olympus?) OEMed MX-1? A Tamron rebadged "DA"18-270 lens? The new 645 90mm Macro lens? Or actually what is the other real new Pentax stuff that was really produced by Pentax? I just can't recall and remember anything else!

In contrast, at least the Pentax Optio WG-2 was TIPA awarded in 2012, although this was just the only Pentax award last year.

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