Thursday, July 09, 2009

Strange Vertical Line Strikes Production K-7 Again!

Well, I guess I might be the first person to discover the line in a production K-7 last time when I was viewing a production K-7 sample photo and unintentionally found the line, as it is just too obvious.

Now, new K-7 user reports and a similar strange vertical line that is always there! Yet once again! :-L


If you still can't see the line clearly, here is a clearer exaggerated representation of the same picture:-

So, I think this issue has now been confirmed as it is not uncommon. Good luck, all new K-7 users!

What cause(s) this? A design and/or quality issue? Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Not all K-7 has this problem ;)

RiceHigh said...

But it is also Not Rare!

Anonymous said...

Let's wait and see !

junan acoustic said...

i hope new firmware will solve this prob;)

canon's 5d mk|| had black dot prob & they solved it by upgrading firmware ;)

RON C said...

I hope one of those people whose production model k7 with problem has contacted Pentax to sent them the raw fine.

I get real tired of people who try to damage a camera's, car's, ... reputation. Work with the manufacture and get it fixed if it needs to be.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Rice on noise issue which is a real issue with the K-7 from what I see from the available tests. Just for sake of interest, I downloaded for myself images from Imaging-recource database made with K10D, K20D, K-7, and Nikon D300. I downloaded only images in ISO 1600, as my K10D goes only to that. Nikon beats BY QUITE A MARGIN all of Pentaxes, K10D is on the second place, K20D - third, and, unfortunatelly, I must admit, K-7 is the LAST! Really, dissapointing! (Someone does not believe me? Download those images for yourself.) For a while, I will stay with my K10D as I really do not need to go to high sensitivities. Otherwise, K10D is fine, AF spot on, well built. Probably, I will not change my camera unless to FF.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with you, Rice on noise issue which ..." Time to visit eye doctor :D LOL

Anonymous said...

Awwwwhhhhh not AGAIN! The fucking K20D was already suffering from pretty bad banding issues! Why in the world do they repeat this mistake again? It is clearly a sensor problem as the line is vertical and memory card problems would show up as horizontal problems. This really sucks. And I guess what will happen is the same as for the K20D and K10D: nothing. Pentax will just not respond on the issue and hope and pray that not too many people notice. Well done rice!

Anonymous said...

Please go and make photographs in stead of bashing Pentax: switch to anotheer brand if you do not like Pentax. It's very simple.

I getting very impressed with K-7 pics posted on flickr. They look very natural with subtle colours. I will buy a K-7 when it's available in The Netherlands.


PS. Ricehigh, I think you are a really sick man Why? If one or two K-7 production units pop up with a vertical line (which may be faulty camera's) you immediately bash Pentax while probably these are faulty units. Please think twice before making general conclusion based on n=2.

Anonymous said...

Such bandings are known when the power source is unstable during read-out of the sensor.

But lithium-ion batteries are known to get their full power not until a few cycles.

...But which owner of a new K-7 here has it longer than even a few days?!?

Gerardo Moochie said...

When is Rice going to change his blog title to "Generic Camera Bashing" as he promised. Hurry, hurry!

Anonymous said...

"Ricehigh's ANTI PENTAX Blog"

"I am ricehigh, i have no life"


Wil P. Onu said...

Hey. Im the OP of the PentaxForums thread you got this from. Any symptons that were showing that night have not reared their ugly head since... under heavy testing.

As such, I'd happily agree with the above suggestion that it might have been a not properly charged battery.

RiceHigh said...

I'm suspicious if it is really a battery issue.

If it is the battery, battery warning should have appeared. Since there was no warning (at least the cameras worked), the battery power should be okay.

I suspect the straight line does not always appear, but only under particular situation(s).

Anonymous said...

RH's eruptions apparently get worse when he's not feeling well.

Now that he's got banned from the fourth forum (not for being anti Pentax but for abusing it) his ranting against the K-7 becomes real strong.

Let's see if all his negative writing and misinformation will stop anyone enjoying the great camera the K-7 really is. I guess not...

Anonymous said...

RE: Wil P. Onu said...
Hey. Im the OP of the PentaxForums thread you got this from. Any symptons that were showing that night have not reared their ugly head since... under heavy testing.

Your comments here are appreciated.

Battery performance and heat can be interrelated. If a battery with sub-optimal charge not showing up on the warning indicator is a problem, that's not good news. Based on the old hot-pixel dilemma, I'd tend to blame heat for at least part of the problem. Where can the K-7 vent its heat load from sensor, LV operation, circuitry, and S/S moving continuously? That thermometer warning is there for a reason. Would you buy a car with a RPM governor?

Anonymous said...

RE: Let's see if all his negative writing and misinformation will stop anyone enjoying the great camera the K-7 really is. I guess not...

This really does get tiresome. And the hoopla and propaganda from the fan-bots seems unending.

Pentax won't make a living from the flag-waving. They need sales. I'm reading posts from people just settling for the K20D, or waiting for the Samsung, or for a price break.

Without the usual level of lens sales, their income flow is reduced. Hoya said long ago that Pentax is self-funding. For $1,300 for a body, I'm just seeing too many different problems - topped off by their own admitted sensor issue (firmware or whatever). I don't see the typical legacy buyer making decisions on the presence of movier mode, to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars - and not even getting AF or AE that the GH1 offers.

Who sent out tester cameras for reviews not indicative of what would be sold to the public? Why does Pentax think that the publications will make space for retests, with that flock of new cameras hitting the market? I watch Google News daily on these matters, and there's simply no Pentax DSLR news except for the fact that it's available. Look for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm on my 2nd k7 and both have had this line issue, I'm not a pixel peeper either but it is not acceptable to me as it was a client that pointed it out, but one thing rice does not point out is that it seems ALL this first gen video dslr cameras seem to have heat issues, the D90's manual states that after using video you will get lines on still images, the D5000 and new canon just had recalls as well.

Personally after using the K7 I love the camera, Pentax has at least stepped up to match the d90 and 50d overall except with the sensor. I personally hope that they pressure Samsung to improve the sensor with less noise and no heat issues and that Pentax releases a K7N with said new sensor and a few needed fixes.

I'm sticking with the K20D and nikon d300 for now and waiting to see if the 2nd gen is any better, hopefully I will see a K7n by xmas to :D

Anonymous said...

As opposed to the larger Canon and Nikon DSLR's, Pentax reduced the body size and sealed it. With Live View, Video, Sensor Shift and lens motors working, the heat buildup seems to be too much for the design.

I doubt that Samsung can do a variant of a sensor designed for one heat range, and produce a variant that will work correctly in worse conditions.

Meanwhile, the GH1 has no Sensor Shift and no motors, and has no usage restrictions. The 4/3 sensor is smaller, and with an EVF and good Contrast Detect no one needs Live View for video.

Anonymous said...

the gh1 is not an option as I so hate evf's and after trying it the still iq does not compare ( but it's video is great ).

Looks like a 5d mk2 is the way to go actually.

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