Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Notice: Comment Moderation Enforced in the Meantime

Owing to the stupid and silly frequent and repeated Blog attacks and spamming recently, the comment moderation is enforced in the meantime. If you have a comment to leave, please feel free to continue to do so and your post will appear after checking has been made. Different opinions really doesn't matter as long as no foul language is used and any personal attack and uncivilised behaviour are strictly prohibited.

I hereby apologise for all the inconvenience caused to all of you who really want to post on-topically. Thank you for your pardon and patience and I hope all of you whom are affected can understand.

On the other hand, without those foul language and offensive words, I am sure that this site will be more pleasant to read for those who really want to read and write.

Update (August 1st):

A New Comment System has been successfully implemented at my Blog and there will be no forced comment moderation before posting of any comment. The new system is currently used for all coming New Blog Posts or Old Posts in which there is No Discussion Started Yet. Enjoy and keep posting! :-)


Anonymous said...

I full agree with you that foul language is not acceptable. But why comment anything, if "different opinions really doesn't matter" to you?

Anonymous said...

This is standard - with Yahoo Groups you're registered, and each person can be moderated, leaving the rest to post freely.

Public forums suffer from this OT blather, and SOME of the Pentax people treat it like a sports event.

After championships, even the winners go outside and start turning over cars or setting fire to things - I consider it some kind of tribal rate amongst people who NEED something to root for.

Personally I don't operate that way, and find it a form of primitivism.

Either ANY camera works as advertised; or it does not. "Good enough" is no longer good enough in a highly competitive marketplace. Their lack of ad dollars and channels will be crippling in terms of non-legacy buyers considering the mount, and both lens and accessory prices have risen.

Anyone who thinks that "market share doesn't matter", when Nikon and Canon combined have about 13x the share that PK has, should study up.

I've had Pentaxes for 50 years - but the Pentax you deal with today is definitely NOT the Pentax of the last century. They don't deserve allegiance based on current performance.

Anonymous said...

RE: "But why comment anything, if "different opinions really doesn't matter" to you?"


No disrespect; but I'e now read this three times and have no idea of your point.

Ricehigh is welcoming the difference of opinion; be it pro- or anti-Pentax. Since he has a LOT of PK gear and just got the KM (after looking through what was in stock and rejecting 4 out of 5), that's not the mark of someone "hating" any brand.

What it signifies is frustration. I've felt this way since the last 6MP PK's, when the competition already was at 10 MP.

I've also judged the "jig to be up" when instead of making a clean break to ring-USM, they did this half-way thing to SDM motors slower than what came before. That's probably how they achieved their "smoother and quieter" lenses.

This is similar to GM's being stuck with legacy costs that have to get factored into their pricing - the bankruptcy should relieve that pressure.

The $1300 body price and concurrent lens price hikes are just the last straw - they are probably trying to show Hoya some revenue; but the profit margins won't be there.

This is a sad time, not a happy time.

Anonymous said...

But its ok to call people hypocrites and cowards in your blog?

Guilherme Bauer said...

Who was talking about Freedom of Speech?!

RiceHigh said...

Hypocrites and Cowards are used to describe people exactly for their behaviours and what they act.

These words are not rare to be used even in public political debates and are civilised, despite the negative nature in meaning.

On the other hands, foul language and any other purely personal attacking words are not appropriate and this is not allowed in my site. And repeatedly posting of the similar posts with the same bad words numerously is simply Spamming, which is strictly not allowed here.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, it's RiceHigh's log, so he makes the rules. Secondly, can we rather compare our experiences with PK gear instead of venting testosterone? Thank you... Anybody knows what is the best post-processing RAW converter for *istD? PK Lab's color seems better than PS CS2... or maybe default settings of PS are not good enough...

Anonymous said...

"Owing to the stupid and silly frequent and repeated Blog attacks and spamming recently, the comment moderation is enforced in the meantime."

I remember seeing on the last post someone was being childish.....but isn't it over the top to have you read and approve every post before anyone can see it? At least the forum sites can see what gets pulled....and can understand. How does anyone know what you might offense and I appreciate having Hoya stand up to their products....but you and your blog have a major credibility problem due to things becoming a little too negative and not being objective. Isn't this turning into your own personal dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

Re your comment;

"> why do you constantly expect Pentax to be Canon?

One word: Competition

If one can't compete, they cannot survive and will die!

Here is what quoted via Alan Greenspan for an European leader said, "What is
the market? It is the law of the Jungle, the law of Nature. And what is
Civilisation? It is the Struggle Against Nature."!

I like both points made. Very true."

No...I don't believe you like these points as you won't show each side of the equation. Where in your blog does it show the positive side of this line of camera. The folks here have read other blogs and reviews....they need to know why you feel those are wrong....for good or bad. It is just too one way for this to be a competent blog....too extreme....too obvious that you have an agenda.

RiceHigh said...

> but isn't it over the top to have you read and approve every post before anyone can see it?

So, please suggest what to do else when there were tens of the spamming messages with the same foul/offensive words posted within minutes (which I think no typical reader would like to see and read). Your wisdom and advice will be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

RE: Where in your blog does it show the positive side of this line of camera."


You would need to read back before the K-7. I could say some nice things about some K-7 features; but they are outweighed by the totally negative balance, the price, and the cutback at Pentax itself and its sales channels.

You cannot support higher-end cameras with a downsized operation. You cannot move your technology forward without the engineering investment; or else you end up private-labelling what comes from elsewhere. Without existing high-end products to inherit components from, and a sufficient market share, you are forced to amortize costs over fewer units.

Pentax tries to do business as usual; but the marketplace has shifted. Companies like Nikon (which is experiencing some financial problems right now, as cameras are a good percentage of revenue)just put out several cameras - the D3000 aimed at newbies with a built-in "teaching" system, and a good feature set for the $600 kit, even topping the D60's AF - but they held down costs by omitting Live View and video. Those get included in the D5000.

The dealers look for this wide range of models sharing the same lenses.

Pentax, on the other hand, shrunk their dealers. Those still carrying the K-7 have not dropped price at all - but I doubt that for $1300 it's attracting many non-legacy buyers.

There's no strategy here. They count on the base; but the base is buying K20D's (finally) or K2000's; locked in by the lens mount dating from the 1980's.

You can either cater to the past, or move towards the future. Not both.

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