Wednesday, July 15, 2009

K-7 Strange Vertical Line Repeatedly Shows Up, Found by Different Users

Further to my last reports on the K-7 Vertical Line Bug, the first lot of german users are starting to complain about the vertical line in the K-7 images as well:-

Look at Post #2948 by "theNewGuy". To view the attached pictures, registration is required. It is a grasshopper shot. There is a lighter vertical light across the grasshopper, mostly more obvious on the back of the grasshopper against the dark background.

Well, I think this is a common known bug now, possibly is a problem of the new Samsung sensor. Would Hoya/Samsung react and rectify the problem? When? Soon or forever.. NOT?


Anonymous said...

So you got banned from a forum site...after pissing of every member there....and now you are taking it out on Pentax. Yes....every model has issues....including Canon and Nikon...especially when a model is just released. Objectivity is they key and you have not found that on this forum.

Anonymous said...

How many users reported this issue? Two or three?
Oh...I see, it's a disaster! Pentax must die for giving us such bad cameras!
RH, get a life.

Anonymous said...

How dare though ban me from forum site after I give great rumors of new possible non released equipment that may or may not come from my inside sources that I will not divulge.....after I thou brought down the wrath of my wisdom on thy simpleton forum decipels.....I thou will now in my great god like stature find stuff on the internet that I can bring forward in great abundance to thou show the great Satan!

Anonymous said...

I heard Pentax causes promiscuity in cats.

Anonymous said...

In 4 years you have had nothing good to say about Pentax...yet you call this the Pentax blog. Were you scorned by a father that liked Pentax?

Anonymous said...

Hot Pixels, again?

We went through this already - DPREVIEW found TWO different instances of "hot pixels" screwing up the K20D test, and instead of publishing, they sent the K20D back to Pentax. That hung up the review waiting for a different body, and of course the user base went nuts (a very short journey, apparently).

They commented right on the Forum threads about it, and got flak in return.

For K-7, this could well be a heat-related issue. The camera is well sealed, with more advanced circuitry, and a sensor-shift flopping around while shooting video. The sensor itself is a heat source, as is Live View. Where does it all vent? Why did they make you look at a thermometer icon, when GH1 has no such limitations?

Someone commenting on operating temps:

"I found that the average running temp of the camera is 29-33 degrees Celsius and then LV will increase the temperature and a one minute movie will increase the temperature to 36 degrees, these are all indoors, no A/C on a hot and humid day, ambient temperature might have been in the mid 20s"

Here's an entire DPREVIEW thread on the topic of the mystery line, and somehow they sound more adult about it:

I guess the whole world must have it in for the "true believers", because here it's covered on Pentax Forums as well:

Falconeye is no one's puppet - he's loyal as they come:

"Yes, it looks like the middle vertical noise line I got with the preproduction camera after heating the sensor with extensive use of LV / movie capture. Jim (another tester, called sixstring here) saw it first. It needs about 10-30 minutes to develop and disappears after 2 minutes, or so. I only saw it with a 40°C temperature reading in the EXIFs (which could be the max. reading anyway). The manual says that extensive use of LV can produce additional noise. So, this must be it.

Somewhat disappointing that this isn't confined to preproduction."


I'm now waiting for someone to say that those links are not from the REAL DPREVIEW and the REAL PENTAX FORUMS.

Anonymous said...

Less whining, and more reading ...

Another K-7 thread:

Once again, Roland Mabo backing it up:

"Sorry to hear about your problems.
And yes, your K-7 is defective.

There was some sensor issues with the first batch of the K20D, it seems that the Samsung manufacturing of the new version of this sensor has some issues too.
Very sad."


Some K20D hot-pixel history:

"However, the hot pixel problems, combined with the sample-to-sample variability (in this instance ISO 3200 banding), represent the sorts of problems we haven't seen in DSLRs launched in the past few years. Which makes us wonder whether Samsung has over-reached itself with such an ambitious design. This is reflected in our image quality score that without these niggles would have been even higher."

Anonymous said...

RE: I heard Pentax causes promiscuity in cats.


Just a lack of reality when you own 5 or more PK lenses ....

Did you know that PK lenses breed in the dark?

Anonymous said...

The last image is underexposed. You 5d is apparently not perfect.. ;)

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