Saturday, July 11, 2009

Defective K-7 Bought? Blurry but Noisy Images, Crooked Sensor!?

See this user report. It is shocking!

Is there any quality control for the K-7 actually? How come such a "bad sample" can reach the hands of an end-user??

As for the noisy image crops as seen, it can be a camera design weakness as well. Who knows? Pentax? The God?

Do also note that that user has 3 K20Ds and 2 K10Ds. Just view the shootout against one of his K20Ds and you should be able to judge!


Anonymous said...

It's so funny that some of the replies in that thread say that there is NO PROBLEM!

People accuse Rice of being paid by Canon or ??, when it's quite obvious that Mabo and LanceB and a few others consistently whitewash Pentax faults - to the point of being absurd!

Anonymous said...

Absurd? Let's make a test then.
Take a Pentax DSLR, K-7 is perfect for the task. Take the biggest sledgehammer you'll find. Then, place the K-7 on a hard surface and hit it several times with the sledgehammer.
I'm sure that, if you take pictures afterward and put them on internet, complaining the camera won't work properly, in the next minute or so you'll see a new entry on a certain blog - talking about "design weakness" and "quality control".

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments.
I decided to pick up a K-7 myself and compare it my 1st (first generation) using the same lens in my best test environment (My study).

Initially, I was quite disappointed to find that the K-7 was noisier and "fuzzier" than my Ist taking the same shots and under the same workload.

Examining the exif data, I noticed that a number of K-7 defaults are different from the 1st so I fiddle with the K-7 to get them to match up. The default contrast for the Ist is "Normal" and for the K-7 it is "hard". I left this one alone.

So I made 3 changes to the K-7.
1) Switch to program mode (arrives in easy mode)
2) Turn the auto ISO range down to maximum 400 (arrives set to 800)
3) Switch the shooting mode to "premium"

Then I reshot then entire sequence.

The results are stunning. The K-7 outshoots anything the 1st can do hands down. The single largest difference (after several experiments) was limiting the auto ISO to 400 instead of 800. That really cleaned up the images phenomenally. As I seldom shoot higher than 400 anyway (and I expect the SR to reduce the frequency even further), I am happy with K-7 performance so far.

Has anyone figured out how to change the auto ISO ceiling for green mode? I don't use green mode much, but I always switch my cam to it just before I hand it to a non-shooter.

Anonymous said...

I just got my K7. Using K mount lenses from my old film camera. My results are very disappointing. Pictures are fuzzy, grainy looking, out of focus. I'm guessing I'm missing something. The three step approach above is vague to me - number 3 - can't find. Number one only available in user mode? Any help?

RiceHigh said...

> Any help?

Have you contacted Pentax for your faced problems?

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