Thursday, July 09, 2009

Samsung NX Revelation: A Never-Heard Lens Maker

See what 1001 Noisy Cameras report and comment:-

This move is much questionable if true, as quoted:-

- Who is Optron-Tec and how will their lenses be perceived by photographers in a world of Canon, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax and Olympus? Samsung is already is considered by many as a lower-tier manufacturer in terms of camera development when compared to the aforementioned companies. Adding an unknown exclusive lens maker may be the *Debbie Downer Alert* kiss of death for the NX-series.

- What about Pentax? Are they completely shut-out of NX since this company is presented as the exclusive provider?

- Would there be some compatibility with the K-world with an adapter?

Well, I bet shortly we would know if the NX is really announced duely. And yes, both Pentax(Hoya) and Sigma previously denied that they had no involvement in the NX project in particular the optics part. So, this makes the lens maker for the NX system very mysteric. It only leaves Tamron and Tokina as the possible partners, but it is rather unlikely, especially as Tokina is also owned by Hoya and Hoya had already said that they knew nothing about the NX.


terrencechin said...

There is no way that I'll buy into another lens system, having a substantial investment in K-mount and F-mount already.
Good luck to Samsung.

JLow... said...

Optron-Tec is a local korean lens making company... don't really know what kind of lenses they make, but from the site, it seems that they make lenses and filters for camera phones, IR receiver and cd drives and so on... interesting...

here's the site url

RiceHigh said...

I think Samsung guys are just making a big joke to all of us but actually themselves.

A "lens maker" who makes those cameraphone lenses and small optical components is surely considered as incompetent to make interchangeable lenses for a camera system! They are really kidding!

Anonymous said...

Has everyone just gone stupid???

(Let me ask that again)

Has everyone just gone stupid???

Noisy Cameras took the simple reference to Optron-Tech, and added their own half-assed opinion to it - and you should all feel free to jump on Noisy Camera for proliferating their own bullshit assumptions, since it gets picked up by other sites as well; never mind the Pentax Forum full of troglodyte fanboys.

Google, of course, just regurgitates everything, and also picks up other sites making reference to the original imbecilic post. Since Google offers links by the number of associated links, the garbage rises to the top of the Search presentation.

Samsung should have been more forthcoming about details in the Internet age, and introduced their supplier to the public. Apparently their deal for shared lens facilities with Pentax does not cover the NX (likely only PK mount), and Samsung has their own HUGE network of suppliers, as well as being a chaebol with many subsidiaries and other linkages.

Further, you should be smart enough to check facts for yourselves. Below is the usual flowery translation of how Japanese companies regard themselves, but this is a perfectly reputable company fully capable of making camera lenses. They are a listed company in Japan, so those in Japan can obtain more info on the company in the native language from the financial press.

Noisy Camera deserves a kick in their electronic ass for assuming otherwise, with no facts at all at their disposal. In effect, they said that the buying public are idiots who will believe anything - and some have proven it already, apparently.

Company Introduction

Year Established 1989

The foundation of cutting edge business on 21st century will be upgraded and expanded to photoelectron technology and the applications of it. Optron – Tec
Inc. have been concentrated on developing cutting edge photoelectron parts and communize it for past ten and some years with indomitable courage, and by making daily routines of listening and focusing on the future with base of justice management that keeps basic and the principle, we have continuously grew with daily innovations. We will lead the field of photoelectron, and we will grow to be the first class global small-strong enterprise.

From the developing of photoelectron parts that make our living plentiful, to the environment friendly technical development for preserving the beauty of nature, it is the future that Optron-Tec Inc. will make. Here, feel the past, present and the futures of Optron-Tec Inc. We truly wish to be closer with
everyone through various information exchanges and conversations.

Thank you.

Product / Service Introduction

Manufacture and trade optical lens, camera lens, liquid crystal video view glass

Anonymous said...

I believe this to be BS. This funny little company which makes mainly completely unrelated products can hardly be the exclusive lens provider. Maybe they (exclusively) make the kit lens or something and the articles reported it incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

Samsung has never been forthcoming re: camera lenses.. They even stated that the lenses wereall made my Scneider-K.... Never admitting theywere just Pentax rebrands... believing anything by them is always questionable.

Anonymous said...

(Optron-Tec was not found standing in the street holding a sign that said "Will make lenses for food". The public is often unaware of key suppliers - this had to be a leak as part of the exhibition for Samsung employees, and likely suppliers were invited)

"Optron-tec makes most of the lenses for Samsung's p&s compacts, labeled with "Samsung lens". They have got the deal of manufacturing lenses for the NX-system that will be sold under the Samsung-label. Samsung does not have their own
manufacturing of lenses.

Now, it is not clear who has designed the lenses. It is not mentioned in the article.

But the lenses for the Samsung NX system is exclusively for the Samsung NX to be sold as Samsung lenses."

(Completely legit company fully capable of lens assembly - who does the design is a different matter)

Anonymous said...

Tokina isn't owned by Hoya!

Anonymous said...

Tokina is part of the Kenko group, they just may buy Hoya glass, like Pentax.

Anonymous said...

Probably the two best offerings come from Tokina and Sigma, and we'll start with the Tokina AT-X 535 Pro DX, a lens that offers a focal length of 50-135mm, bringing back the days of the more traditional (and still popular) 70-200mm focal length (70-210 in film or “full frame” terms), and a fast f/2.8 aperture. Tokina co-developed this lens with Pentax, and it is an interesting offering. The downsides to this lens are few, namely lack of a silent AF motor (like Canon's USM, Sigma's HSM, or Pentax's SDM – which is included on the Pentax version of this lens), and the odd characteristic of seeming to be in a different – lower – class of sharpness when wide open at 135mm. Otherwise, this lens shines, easily hanging in with the IQ from the leading manufacturer's lenses. Added bonus: there is a built in tripod collar, just like the big, heavy lenses in the 70-200 class. For essentially the same lens as the Pentax (minus the wonderful SMC), it's a bargain at about $550.

Anonymous said...

So Samsung uses Optron tec to make their lenses, toys r us uses chines child labor to make their toys, and people ein Vietnam or Thailand assembly many of Nikons what? Hands up, any one here on this site have the ability to make lenses? Uh...NO. If the lenses are good who cares if a bum off the street makes them? Anyone ever realize that the cult Vivitar series one lens was NOT made by Vivitar themselves? God, you people love looking for nothing to debate about.

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