Saturday, March 30, 2013

Canon has Taken the Crown Away From Pentax! :-(

..for the smallest and lightest DSLR bodies ever made, wins over both the size and the weight! >:-( has updated their database to include the new Canon EOS100D/SL1, in particular, I've checked the following:-

1. 100D Vs K-x:-,229

The overall size of the 100D is a bit smaller, but the weight of the 100D is 30% less!

2. 100D Vs K-01:-,285

The K-01, with the complete omission of the mirror, viewfinder and penta-mirror, has no real edge over the 100D in terms of size and weight. The K-01 is a bit smaller but it is yet 27% heavier than the 100D. The body material used is aluminium+plastic of the K-01 against the aluminium alloy+fibre glass plastic of the 100D. The Canon rules for the materials and technologies for how to cut most weight out of a DSLR body! So, how come Pentax could not give out her crown to some body else?!

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