Monday, March 11, 2013

Rumour: Pentax Ricoh to Announce Five New Cameras Shortly

See what PR has just reported:-

The source of information is not mentioned, though. But I believe that the PR should have some insider channel for what they said, as before (and that it was proven for times that they were right, although not always). And yes, PR (Photo Rumors) disclosed PR (Pentax Ricoh)'s secret information! ;-)

Btw, the $2000 US dollars new body *should* be a Full Frame. Otherwise, I can safely declare to the world that Pentax Ricoh is doomed, as it happens that this expensive body be an APS-C body, just! >:-(

And also, will there be any new lenses? I think that there should be at least some, if several new bodies are really to come!

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