Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yet Another Recent Rumour from Japan: K-3/3s April, 645DII June

Read this:-
(in Japanese)

This rumour is actually a few weeks earlier than what Photo Rumors told us about five new Pentax/Ricoh cameras are to come just on the day before. The Japanese OP seems to know something. Btw, it is said that the K-3/3s is an APS-C body with 24MP pixel count, just! >:-|

Edit: Thanks to "phoenix15" for his/her reply in the Comments section (the 1st one), we have another latest post found at the kakaku forum by the same OP:-
(in Japanese)

It is told that a lower entry level DSLR model than the K-30 with a 16MP sensor (APS-C of course) will be marketed also, and that the K-3/3s will replace the K-5II/IIs.

So, the above have already made up the four new Pentax cameras that will appear, whilst the remaining new camera I guess would be in the Ricoh brand name.

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