Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Internet Contents that Could be Trusted BTW?

A Chinese idiom states that sometimes one cannot really distinguish between the truth and the fake..

An alleged boy named himself as Mike (Milan) Svitek as the poster appeared in YouTube yesterday and stated that all the recent Pentax new body and lens rumours "created" by him were all fake!


But then here comes the questions! IF *everything* read from/on the Internet could be fake and one should be susceptible, for instance:-

1. How come one can know if this little boy is the original poster of that recent Pentax rumour?

2. How to verify this boy's identity and if he is that Mike/Milan Svitek before?

3. Even it is really that person, how do you know if what are being told in the video is true or not. Or if someone forced him to do so, if not he would bear some serious consequences? Btw, I have a feeling that he was being pointed by a gun to force him to say something to correct his serious mistake done! ;-p

4. Will you shoot yourself like that if you really have told a big lie to the world but then you still opted to show your face to the world and then yet laughed at all those stupid guys of being fooled??! :-o

Oh, my bad again for reporting the "fake rumour" anyway! >:-|

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