Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where Came the Countdown?

It was originated from a blog post by the Mr. Blurry Cameraphone-man, whom posted the diagram below at his new Chinese "micro-blog" hosted at the Sina Weibo, a few days ago:-

(Update: The above page has been removed.)

So, this is the significant stuff that posted:-

In short, the Japanese words above meant that at 10:00 a.m. on a x7th day (something is to be announced) and that the "secret is highly restricted".

Do note that Mr. Blurry Cameraphone-man is actually the top Chinese Pentax Ricoh official in the mainland China where the headquarters of the company is based at Shanghai, whom I think is indeed 100% authoritative! As such, I firmly believed that this piece of news was really special and the source of information should be very reliable and trustable.

I further read that two posters/followers to his blog responded and suggested that it would be 27th of March and I saw no objection from Mr. Blurry but then he was actually online after that as seen and thus I further assumed that he could silently admit the date.

After all those, I simply decided to set up the counter sooner but not later as I was really much excited and I thought I was confident enough to do so! :-o

Yes, nothing has happened today but we can still wait for the 17th of April to see if something will really be announced by that day.

Still, I think it's yet the big fault of Pentax Ricoh after all! Why? These days we can see worms of hungry and long-awaited Pentaxians who have been so frustrated and have been hoping for something new from Pentax and especially for a Full Frame body that we could get very soon, "finally"! We are all excited! Aren't we? In fact, all the Pentax forums in the Internet have become very hot again (which are all declining since the Photokina of the last year, indeed!) and once again keen discussions were started.

We all have very strong desire with aspiration but why Pentax Ricoh just cannot give us something that we wanted which have been asking for so long?? Why NOT just a bit "earlier" but rather than too laaaaatte??! >:-( Still an APS-C K-5II/s which is based on a 2010 deigned and marketed K-5? Shit and Damn It!!

At the end of the day, I just wonder, what are the management and marketing heads at the PRI HQs are thinking? Do they really want that Pentax the brand to die?! In fact, their management seems to be even worse than the ex-owner of Hoya, whom at least created and marketed something new every year when they steered the ship! >:-|

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