Thursday, March 14, 2013

Copyright Reiteration

I have been noticing that particular people who follow my Blog have been consistently cloning my post contents of the latest and re-posting these, which are actually originated from my Blog, at other Internet places as if they found the contents themselves, *without citing* the original source of the contents, i.e., my Blog! I have commonly seen this happened at the two major Pentax forums from time to time, namely, at the DPR and the PF.

It should be noted that I have been spending numerous hours and am doing my own hard works in the light of finding any Pentax related news and reports as well as writing technical articles that I think should be interested to many Pentaxians. The behaviour of those people who just knew to steal my contents but refused to cite me is really too disgusting enough! >:-(

In this regard, I feel obliged to remind those content thieves that it is strictly prohibited for what they have been doing and it is simply a serious infringement to my own copyrights and I do not want to see such kind of thefts anymore! Still, I opt not to disclose their names and post the links this time but next time I will not hesitate to do it immediately! By then, don't blame me for any name mentioning if it does happen again! :-o

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