Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Rumour: The Three FA Limiteds Will be Ricohized Very Soon! :-o
(in Simplified Chinese, Google English Translation Here.)

A Pentax user who has attended a recent official product briefing session at China, it is said that a Ricoh official told publicly about the "revamping" of the three FA Limited lenses, with details as follows:

- The "update" will happen soon,
- The Japanese style green "pearl" of the lens-changing mark on the existing Pentax 31 and 77 Limited lenses will be removed,
- The new lens will still be screw-driven for the AF, i.e., no SDM nor DC nor whatsoever in-lens AF motor,
- New HD lens coating will replace the old SMC one for better performance,
- A Ricoh red ring will be added (and of course)!

There are some photos posted for the event. Just click the above thread to view more if interested.


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