Thursday, December 26, 2013

One More Official Interview: No 135 FF in Near Future, Not Before 645D is Replaced! :-o

In a very recent interview with the same Ricoh senior official in my last blog article by a local Hong Kong photo magazine (current issue, owing to the copyright, I do not upload any image copy of the interview page here), Mr. Murano told the following:

1. The K-3 is a very strong APS-C DSLR as a result of extensive and special R&D;

2. APS-C is the mainstream of DSLR cameras;

3. The market share of 135 FF is only from 10 to 20%, versus the 80 to 90% of the APS-C market;

4. For that 10 to 20% small market segment, there are already a number of choices in the market. While they are able to make such a similar 135 FF body, it will not be of anything special. As such, they opted not to make one! :-[

5. The new 645D replacement project is now undergoing. It must happen before any RP 135 FF comes! (But isn't it that he has just said a RP 135 FF is not viable marketing wise?!)

6. They will not get rid of the name "Pentax", as "Ricoh" is a far larger company with far more businesses than Pentax and that they have no interest to make Ricoh becoming a sole camera brand! >:-o

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