Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ricoh Continues to Dump SMC and Ricohizes the Outlook of Existing DA Lenses!

See what is just reported at the Photo Rumors (Source: Japanese Digicame Info):


The new colour scheme of the old DA lenses is just damn UGLY. The traditional blue+yellow focusing scale distance markings have disappeared! The name of HD coating is really mediocre and silly! The imitated Zeiss way of marking the lens' aperture and focal shows the lack of one's own character at all! Damn Ricoh, that's the good thing you have done and done again to destroy everything Pentax! WTF? >:-[

And, where are our new Full Frame lenses of Pentax? Any?! Why re-painting the beautiful old DA lenses and getting rid of the SMC? Do they have no better things to do but just to do evils?!?!

Last Sad News:

The Name PENTAX is Dismissed from the Cyber Space! >:-(

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