Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bundle of New Full Size K-7 Sample Pics, Firmware 1.0

The photos are made by Fengwei (Frank) again, at ISO 800 to 3200, here are the direct links for download (Warning: very large files in full resolution!):-

ISO 800:

ISO 1600:

ISO 3200:

I guess the lens used is the FA 31 Limited. Pentax Photo Browser does not show the lens model as all the maker's notes that should be contained in the EXIF have been removed, including the lens id number. As such, these pictures are likely not directly out of the camera but just converted and massaged after shooting RAW (DNG). But then the mysterious thing is that in the EXIF it does not even show what software it is used but just K-7 Ver. 1.0 - no difference from in-camera Jpegs! My hats off, Frank, you're a Real Expert (on Software)! Anyway, with that limited fields of the EXIF set, I would say the pictures must have been edited, and at least on the EXIF data set, even they are directly out-of-the-camera (but very unlikely).

Nevertheless, the final results still look quite nice to me. I just wonder why it seems that only Frank has been able to produce more decent K-7 samples so far? Coz he is an Expert? (Ned Bunnell would also have been, but he intentionally "overexposed" the pics by much.) I guess Frank is just a guy who knows very well "how to use a camera" and has exceptional skills of sucking most image quality out of a camera and at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of it as far as possible! Well done, guy!!

Last but not least, a strange single banding line is found for the shots at ISO 3200 by someone with a very careful mind. See the illustrations below:-


Samy B said...

Hi, it would be useful if the sensivity at which pictures have been taken is notified just before the links.

I am curious about this vertical line. I have a much broader horizontal line on my K100D super at 3200 iso.

RiceHigh said...

Updated, thanks for the suggestion.

Mistral75 said...

Look at the EXIF data: these pictures were taken on June 18th and post-processed with an Adobe software on June 19th. Therefore, they are not in-camera jpegs.

Samy B said...

He did it! Rice did it!!

Thanks a lot Rice!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have to be a real "software" expert to figure out that a file named xxx.DNG.jpg isn't a "in-camera jpeg"...

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