Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr. Blurry Cameraphone's K-7 Test with Firmware 1.0

(Text in Simplified Chinese)

He writes that the weather was very good. EXIF are preserved.

Frankly, I would comment that the image quality is just so-so, despite that he has so many excellent Pentax glass to shoot with (see the two picture shots for the Pentax lenses he brought). The first portrait of the lady was shot at ISO 200, but I can still see some noise at the background, which is somehow obvious, even for a picture that has been downscaled to that size.

Centre-weighted metering was used for all shots, but then drastic exposure compensations were required which I do believe with my Canon gear much less such compensations are required for similar situations - at least not so frequently and even when it is required, the compensation values would be smaller.

Anyway, since it is told that the K-7 hardware, in particular the sensor, will be altered, I think all those trials, tests, first reviews made around the world will all have to be reset. So, let's wait and see when the *real* machine is really out and what will happen! :-(


Anonymous said...

I'm a amateur in photography ~*_*~


RiceHigh said...

Amateur is good to do gear test as there is nothing to hide! ;-)

In contrast, professional reviewers can make every camera looks good if they wished!

Btw, I'm curious to know why didn't you use the Matrix metering by default?

jukka said...

I think you are far too critical of these shots, very rarely you get lightroom like output straight from a camera (any camera for that matter). These shots look very solid to me, yes they could use some PP but then again something like 80-90% of pictures out of camera need PP to really shine.

What it comes to that slight noise, i dont know what to make out of it as i need to see the full image, but i am not that worried about it, i dont think i would have noticed it without you writing about it.

Anonymous said...

Cut Jopy Some Slack,

Jopy Tell Us More About The Upcoming Pentax FF DSLR!

APS-C is for the birds...

Anonymous said...

Center Weighted is my habbit of shooting, and I'm toooo lazy to change the metering mothod.

about FF? sorry, no words as usual~ hahaha

Anonymous said...

ANyway i dont see any noise on those pictures, i think they're quite good as sample photos. And about the hi-iso noise that you wrote it's NOT accepteble: K7 is outperforming my k10d even with jpegs with basic in camera noise reduction!

Anonymous said...


You got a little attention during the rumours period of the K-7 and it has gone to your head.You were making half decent comments about the K-7 but now your back to your old self again. I think Jopy's pictures are very nice and an indication of a good camera that the K-7 is.
I have never seen pictures from you except some buildings a while back with absolutely no artistic content at all.Can you take good pictures? Show us some, not just "bitching" about the quality of pixels at 100% crop. That's ridiculous. We are not taking pictures sized for billboards with absolutely no noise.

Do you have a life or do you just go through life aimlessly, bitching at everything just to get attention.

You bitch about Pentax and always refer back to Canon. Why don't you just sleep with your Canon and do a little masturbation or is it measurbation?

RiceHigh said...

> K7 is outperforming my k10d even with jpegs with basic in camera noise reduction!

K10D is a very noisy camera. So, if it is used as the reference for comparison, any current DSLR will win!

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