Wednesday, June 03, 2009

One More K-7 Samples Link

From the same person who shot the very first high ISO K-7 pictures:-

Images shot at ISO 100 to 500 are posted. These images are down-sized ones and were not produced in-camera but converted with Adobe Photoshop CS3. EXIF data are preserved, though. The version of beta firmware used is unknown owing to that the photos were CS3 converted and the firmware version cannot be seen in the general EXIF field. Maybe you can try to dig it out by PhotoMe or another viewer that is more powerful if very interested.

Nevertheless, I think those images still give us some ideas and initial impressions about the image quality of the K-7.


Anonymous said...

PhotographyBLOG has full-resolution PEF & JPEG samples, plus a video:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'm as interested as the next Pentaxian in seeing images from the K-7, but I have no doubt that its images will be at least as good as the K20D, so my decision as to whether or not to replace my K10D with the K-7 will be based on other considerations, specifically on how well autofocus continuous works. Hopefully high ISO performance will improve somewhat, and features such as the camera's ability to shoot video and HDR images are nice and will hopefully boost sales, but how well AF-C works will be the clincher for me.

mw said...

But, if AF-C is the most important feature for you, why wouldn't you use a live camera instead? I would think a still camera should excell in quality of still pictures.
Do you think K-7 will be as good today as K10D was in its day? For, according to DXOMark (by DXO Labs) rating of RAW quality, in 2006, when K10D had appeared in the Fall, it was the BEST aps-c RAW recorder ever (out of 26 apsc dslr cameras up till 2006, regardless of resolution: there were three 12M, five 10M and the rest 8M and 6M).
Will K-7 again be the best aps-c RAW recorder up to date?

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