Monday, June 15, 2009

RiceHigh's Pentax FREE Discussion Group

I have created my Pentax Discussion Group at Yahoo!:-

It's a place for all Pentaxians..

You're Free to Post anything Pentax there!

You're Free to Discuss anything Pentax there! There is no restriction of any kind so that any discussion topic in any combination for Pentax gear (Lenses/Bodies/Flashes/Accessories and etc.) and about Pentax the brand are possible!

It is totally Free of Charge! Donation or any Dirty Money related things are NOT Welcomed!! :->

With all the above Three Freedoms, Personal Attacks and Uncivilised Behaviours are Strictly Prohibited, whilst Different Opinions are Always Welcomed!!

If You Buy My Ideas Above, JOIN NOW!

I hope this Place will be every Pentaxian's Paradise and the Best Ever Pentax Discussion Group for the Pentax Community! See YOU~

Tips: To list more messages on the screen, you can bookmark this page:-

If you prefer to group by topic instead of seeing individual messages, click once the "Group by Topic" link near the top and the page will remember your option automatically.

And, as for most other forums on the net, I have set that the Group public, i.e., anyone can read the messages in it. But if you want to post a new topic or to make a reply, you have to register and join.


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't you and pentaxforum just hug and make up?

RiceHigh said...

I am afraid I can no longer post and stay there. There are too many fanboys who like to jump on me too often and too much from time to time and the Mods are persecuting me on and off periodically, even they have *never* tried to stop those fanboys for going personal and being uncivilised, not even once! (except that they entertained me for a few times upon my complaint).

Whilst I am sad, I think I have to leave.

I shall still read there though, as I do for every major Pentax forum where I can read.

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