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The Evil Side of Human Nature - I've Decided to Leave the PentaxForums

As you can see, last night I discovered an unboxing post of the K-7 on the internet at a Chinese forum and was really excited. I quickly wrote a short blog article with the unboxing photos linked and left some quick remarks.

Actually, I was rather busy yesterday with all kinds of my work engagements, meetings and some personal matters that needed to be completed after work. I was only be able to get back home and access the Internet rather late at late evening. After I had published my blog post, I once just wanted to go to take a bath and then go to bed for sleep as I was really tired. But when I just thought of, for instance, I could also let the folks and readers at the PentaxForums knew about that breaking news (which I thought was an excitement if it was really true). I made a simple post there quickly, with a sole intention to let the guys over there knew also with all good wills of mine.

But then some particular Pentax blind brand radicalists and fanboys jumped on me very quickly (although there are also some other sensible persons got annoyed for what their behavour - for being went off-topic and trying to hi-jack the thread by starting arguments and creating personal flame war).

Shortly, two "site supporters" who are also the "moderators" appeared and then my thread were even locked afterwards and I received a "warning" from that Peter Zack, who is well known to be a stupid fanboy but nothing else. So, why need to lock my thread, what's wrong with that? I posted about the K-7 and news and discuss solely and 100% about the camera and delivery of the camera (read back the whole thread if you want to verify), I just paste the "warning" here for all of you to take a reference:-


You have received a warning at

Dear RiceHigh,

You have received a warning at

Blog posting warning only this time

As per Rule II. Posting
There is no limit on the number of posts made by each user, but topics must always be created in the correct corresponding forum category. Flooding, spamming, and advertising are not tolerated. Although users may occasionally post links to useful resources and personal galleries, any other sites may not be promoted. All posts are also to be written in a mature fashion with correct spelling and grammar.

Member is warned that Blog post promotions will not be tolerated any longer. Warning only. Points issued next time.

Original Post:
Originally Posted by ogl View Post
You should get your K-7 on Saturday...
Hopefully, provided that my dealer has the goods and I'm first enough in the queue!

Btw, I shall ask my dealer to confirm CDAF is available under the video mode before I act! The K-7 shouldn't lack this basic feature and be worse than the 500D, should it? :-)
Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

All the best,

What's the ground and rationale to "warn" me for my that post made???? You read the post content and click on the link to verify yourself! People do (evils), God seen and other People know! (A modern Chinese idiom!)

I KNOW well ITS THEIR SITE, THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY LIKE! But this is of no justice but just evils!!

Do you think that I need to be afraid of such a silly and stupid threatening "warning"? There is no big deal to me at all for me not posting at the PentaxForums nor I care much. They can simply ban me altogether and I really don't care! That's just their own loss for not having me there to *contribute*, although I have never given any money (which is beautifully wrapped by the word "donation" or "support"). But I do believe my contributions and time spent did worth even more than money for their success on the Internet. Yes, they are really success now, but I do help them much really and I am the one (of many) that contributes to their success in another way (but now Adam has forgotten!). Btw, as of the time I write this blog article, here is the Alexa internet popularity traffic rankings of the various Pentax related sites including the PentaxForums and My Blog:-

PentaxForums: 51,894
My Blog: 285,113

And other Pentax related sites for your quick reference (links are to the Alexa ranking pages for respective sites):-

Dpreview: 1,516 (Whole site counted, not only Pentax stuff) 78,274 (Not soley for Pentax stuff - but you can get almost all, though)
Pentax 116,576
PentaxDSLRs Blog: 783,474
Ned Bunnell's Blog: 932, 757
OK1000 Pentax Blog: 1,138,224

Actually, the PentaxForums is now a large and successful site. But as a forum, the nature is different from a blog or a review site. A forum is supposed to have more posts and traffic volume should be higher just because discussions are frequent by its basic nature.

Back to the topic, what I need to promote my site? Which I am being accused of. My site is also promoting much the PentaxForum because I have linked too often to their site! So? So, what is their ground actually? Is it substantiated?? What's the benefit for me if my site is promoted? What is the loss to me if I do not make post at the PentaxForums??

Previously, they accused me of being "negative all the times". So, they simply judged and JUGDE BY OPINIONS! NOW, I indeed promote the K-7 *hard*. What's wrong for promoting the K-7 and K-7 news, then???

As for the accuse of direct linkings to my blog posts, I just wish to let those narrow-minded persons as well as those persons who want to protect their money and relevant revenue interests of running an internet site and doing it just like a *business*, I have just checked that all people around the world ALSO have ALL made posts linked directly to my that "unboxing post", 100%, solely - that's how the internet works! Here is the captured summary from my statcounter:-

7No referring link

You can click and check them all if there is any one of the posts "copied and pasted" my post's contents without "promoting" my site?? How about if my blog post is updated? Do I need to update also my post made a forum and not even to mention to edit the post for *another* time. Utter silly afterall!

Well, also there is actually no traffic from the PentaxForums, so this is not an excuse for accusing me of being guilty - they just want to do me an unfavour! Period.

In fact, Ned Bunnell do the same, mostly at the DPR forums, i.e., made posts contained links to his blog, but then no one ever accuse him of anything "violation of forum rules". Never. Just because he's a Pentax company CEO and President? Then, our faith on the Internet should be different?? And we should then be treated totally opposite for my freedom of speech??


Besides, do you know how to become a moderator at the PentaxForums, my observation is simply that on and off some keen site supporters will become "moderators" in turns, no matter how radical they are and how many times they could attack people before!? Well, those behaviours are allowed, often? ONLY that their practical "support" to the site are "adequate"? I wanted to air this out for long, but I do have been tolerating!

I promote PentaxForums from time to time, very frequently, since they started their site and since I started my this blog - I always linked to the PentaxForums directly - that's what the internet works! To check, you can just do a search at my blog for the keyword "PentaxForums", then you will see how many results are returned!

In addition, does PentaxForums really a non-profit site? Nope, I am afraid NOT! "Donations" and "Site Suppport" are common there. The hard fact is many of those site supporters are becoming "moderators" from time to time, on and off.

In early 2007, I was told by the site owner that the low traffic still made them self-substantiated financially. Now, with the highly increased traffic and large member base, I believe they now *earn* much and that would be just a lot than what that can do for a living for running their site and forums and doing this very profitable business!

Me, in contrast, maintain and write on the Net just for insisting my belief and faithful to my hobby and myself, solely and only. Nothing more, nothing less. Non, there is anything money related for my part, of any kind, in any mean for what I do. So that I can dare to say loudly to the world and in front of all people. And is there any dirtly money and business related for my blog writing? NO, No and No!!! In contrast, I only always contribute my valuable time and spent my efforts, for free - just contribute and NEVER ask for any reward and return! I am just ASKING FOR A BETTER PENTAX CAMERA!! And of course no beg for "donations". Have you ever seen that at my blog and sites? If you can find it, I give you the "donation"! ;-D

I am really annoyed, upset and felt rather unhappy or even depressed for the poor and evil side of the human nature I can see this time (and once again!), particularly the way they need to persecute and pre-empt "different" (opined) people and especially more on the hypocrite(s) who always pretend to be good and opened from time to time. But in fact, they are just so being afraid of their own money interests are affected.

They just use some of the seemed to be fair and open "rules" to execute different people whom they don't like them and whenever they think that their benefits are possibly hurt (or it would be better that just opinions are different) so that they need to suppress those different voices.

I am leaving the PentaxForums myself from now on. Actually, I can loudly tell to the world that I have contributed much to their current success. I spent too many times to post news and share my knowledge as well as to help many others over there unconditionally but just only naively hoped that they could treat me fairly without personal biases. Indeed, I have been treating Adam, the founder and site owner of the PentaxForums as a good internet friend of mine but he let me down too much and disappointed for times already and have been silently permitting/agreeing or maybe even instructing his guys (or could be "customers" anyway) to do the dirty "holy" jobs for him and he has even not dared to drop me a message! He seems to be invisible and well hidden in recent times than before! I really feel hurt to be betrayed by a person who I once treated him as a *friend* of mine!

To Adam (and others with the same thinking - true in heart or not, i.e., just a beautiful excuse): You have no more chance to put a bad name on me in accusing me that I am promoting my blog at the PentaxForums! I SHALL NOT and WILL NOT post over there anymore! (EXCEPT for MY LAST POST to say goodbye to some of those kind forum pals over these, which are all my true friends - Well, this time I shall follow your views of "copy and paste and/or re-type/re-edit - You Adam gang can delete it afterwards and I guess they WILL!) I believe all those particular fanboys will ever be happy - the *only* problem solved! So, what's the "only" problem? That is ME, RiceHigh, some fanboys have hated me to death particularly, no matter what I post and say! This hatred is the only source of all "problems" - BUT then actually there would have been not a problem if they really do their moderation job fairly with open speeches without inhuman and uncivilised things allowed to be happened in mind (but they have failed, very and rather unfortunately).

But I am sure that without my contributions, the PentaxForums will be somehow less informative, although might be neglectible for just one person, but with many cases repeatedly happened, it would be different - the same as for what happened at the DPR Forums when many of the knowledgeables have gone themselves or simply got banned.

Nonetheless, if there is something really good or useful posted at the PentaxForums, I shall still "promote" their site by including links in my blog articles. I don't mind I do the thing that you don't allow me to do at your site, Adam and you guys!

To help them for one more thing, which is very important (to them), I think: I encourage any Pentaxian who is a member there to donate and support in a huger amount and see if you could get all those privileges and extra rewards for what you'd paid! :-D

Afterall, everything sounds rather silly, but the reality and the World is just like this. Only one thing explains all these: The Evil(s) of Human and Human Nature does have its very Dark Side(s)! But the evils are always there!

Finally, if you want to read what I write and post, just come to my Blog from now on. There is simply no good place for a Pentax forum for me to participate on the Internet. It is indeed quite beneficial to me as I can just save some more of my valuable time, honestly! In fact, I have posted not so frequently as before at the PentaxForums already for quite a while as I have already found the place is really too pleasant occasionally as well as I am just too busy in my life.

And, if you have some technical questions to ask or just want my comments or advice, simply dropped me an email and I shall try to answer back as soon as possible, when I have the time. In fact, I think I have never missed a reply for those who truly asked me something, shared something with me, or needed my help, although there might be some delays when I finally replied. Of course, I shall still ignore all those hate mails - don't waste your own time if you are trying to do so and make spamming.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused and I understand NOTHING...
You should get your K-7 on Saturday...

Yes, I posted it and I was glad that Rice could get K-7 so quickly.
What is the problem? Explain me, please, the situation...

Anonymous said...

stupid kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

YOu have now left in a huff or been banned from 4 forums. I'm sure it's just all their doing.
3)Steve's digicams

Michael Tohlen said...

There are a lot of tools and ignorant people there, too bad really. But that's not enough of a reason to leave for me, there is still some good there. Just have to get past all of that and focus on the good.
Btw, I pre-ordered yesterday!

RiceHigh said...

> YOu have now left in a huff or been banned from 4 forums. I'm sure it's just all their doing.

So what?

> 1)dpreview

DPR banned so many members and sites that caused troubles for their easy administration purposes and/or possibly would harm their commercial interests. It's just a practice for them. There is just no right or wrong about it. The PentaxForums have been on their black list for long, so?

> 2)

Klaus told me that there were "repeated complaints" about my "negative opinions" about Pentax and he did agree on it too. I was shocked to learn that an owner and administrator who run a forum (whom I also treated him as my old net friend for long, since he built his first PZ forum back to 1999) would judge "correctness" by *opinions* as expressed in forum posts. So, I chose to leave myself. In fact, I haven't told this before as I still treated Klaus as my friend but I was rather disappointed on his stance taken in that incident.

3)Steve's digicams

This one is not worth mentioning. The site is poorly managed and the popularity is low. The time I was there was short and the reason they banned me was simply that I was "brand bashing all the time"!


Full story is already posted here, I won't elaborate. People Act, God Seen, Other People Will Know!

After all, what's the big deal of mentioning the "negatives" about Pentax? Aren't many of the "negatives" are now answered by Pentax/Hoya with the K-7, as least on paper and in their official specs?? Despite that it happens only after years that the problems first reported.

I have done my researches during these years, documented them well and voiced them out! What's wrong with what I have been doing?

When Pentax/Hoya have now officially admitted many of all those "negative things" I have been mentioning, WHO was and is actually right and who else were wrong?

In the end of the days, what's the problems of a somehow maybe *different* opinions? Why persecution must be taken place?

In this case, why I have to not post my blog post links at PentaxForums when I post and reply?? (Whilst for example Ned Bunnell could? And no-one ever has accused him as "self-promoted"??)

RiceHigh said...

> Blogger Michael Tohlen said...
> There are a lot of tools and ignorant people there, too bad really. But that's not enough of a reason to leave for me, there is still some good there. Just have to get past all of that and focus on the good.

Michael, thanks for your kind comment.

The main issue for what I decided that I have to leave is only about the stance taken by the site owner of the PentaxForums (i.e., Adam/Mo). His stance is clear and I do not need to participate further at a place which the site owner and his admins clearly have some personal biases towards me. Why I need to face all those penalisations imposed from time to time??

Anonymous said...

Hi Rice

I actually am one of your fans, reading your blog regurlarly. And I like your (biased, but aren't we all) point of view.

But honestly I think their warning was correct. Posting 2 lines, one of them being a link entitled "RH Pentax blog..." really looks like (imho) self promoting.

Even if you did it with honest intentions, and even if you contributed to the forum, they have to enforce their rules. Otherwise a lot of other writers will do the same.

You should not take it too personally as it won't help neither you or the forum. Let it be...

I hope this will not refrain you from posting useful info about Pentax, and I am looking forward the next "scoop" you may have!


Anonymous said...

And by the way, why (oh why) did you not use the same technique to say goodbye in your post here:

A short post like this would have been sufficient:
" Breaking News: RH leaving pentaxforums!!!
RiceHigh's Pentax Blog: RH's been vexed by mean mods and leaves the forum!"

Just teasing you ;)


RiceHigh said...

Paul, they asked me not to post any of my blogger/blogspot links in any post except in the signature.

As long as my replies and opening posts are on topic and my supplied links are useful to the question askers, WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS ?

If I need to re-type and re-edit all my articles just because the author is me, why I need to bother to post and reply at the PentaxForums anymore? Also, technically it is impossible for some html editing to take place under the forums (nor I would take the troubles which are totally not worthing).

And, how about Ned Bunnell, for example? WHY I am the ONE who need to strictly follow the "rule" but others can?! Pls answer me! I am not convinced!

Also, do re-read the Alexa traffic rankings I do not need to promote my site at the PentaxForums. The reverse is true. I just go there to share and help others, if I am intentionally given difficulties in doing so, I would rather leave and not making any new post there (and I guess that's what they want actually).

Anonymous said...


I want to express my appreciation for the information you have been posting here on your blog. This was the best source for pre-release information on the Pentax K-7. I learned about your blog from links on the Pentax Forum, so I am grateful that you did post on the Pentax Forums.



Anonymous said...

RH said:
Paul, they asked me not to post any of my blogger/blogspot links in any post except in the signature........

Actually they asked you multiple times to change your format. YOU refused to play by their rules.
Right or wrong they are there rules. You are not ABOVE a simple request are you?
Playing god are we...
What they asked, and what the community asked was simple and QUITE easy to follow....
STOP playing the martyr, as usual,,,,,,,
I can't really understand anyone's siding w/ you. You have been a Pentax pissant for 5 years and contribute little HELP though a lot of criticism.
Though you have a right to your opinion, others do to..... or is that not fair?
AGAIN, they only asked you to change your style a bit (one that is annoying BTW.
If a person is swearing and you ask them to stop, but still allow them to post they should honor the request.
Your ego got the best of you AGAIN..

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that some people may have been annoyed by your tone (or by thoughts/items that you regard as important) in the past. Just remember that some people are easily annoyed and insulted.

I think that you were reporting in a positive tone lately. At least just as enthusiastic (and concerned) about the new Pentax offerings as we all.

Maybe you should reconsider leaving Pentax Forums for just a warning, and have a healthy discussion about it.

Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate what you meant here:
Originally Posted by (edited)
Quite strange comment from a
Pentax supporter.

RH's answer:
WHO says I am a "supporter" of Pentax? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm for RiceHigh,

Some of the people on PentaxForums can be very unpleasant. The post of RiceHigh about the "New" lens road map really illustrated this.

Don't even bring up the Pentax FF DSLR discussion either.

I read other forums but I don't understand why certain Pentaxforums members become so vicious when the topic turns to a Pentax FF DSLR.

On Canon, Nikon and Sony forums I never see FF DSLR users and APS-C users go at each other. Is it the maturity level (or lack of) of the members?

Both formats can be supported and coexist in the market.

Keep up the good work RiceHigh, I'll continue reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous. Well said - banned from 4 forums. In other words, I think they're all marching out of step except our Richehigh. As for the length of his goodbye: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

RiceHigh said...

Had you ever read and found out the truth before commented, boy? I have my right to not participate in any forum (two in this case), this is equivalent to that I was banned?? Pardon?

Afterall, I was not banned, but just was being persecuted - so I opted to leave.

Peter said...

@anonymus ... yeah, RH IS quite vocal but he never uses bad language, quite contrary to a lot of people who respond to his posts! He is only voicing his personal oberservations - and since when do only positive experiences count as such? Observe my wording: RH is almost always reporting things he himself has observed (and actually he is quite famous for it, I'd say - wasn't he the one who was first connected to the term measurebating?). This is clearly the difference to what some people are confusing him with: "bashers" and "trolls" usually are NOT usuing that brand, and have NO personal experience with the equipment, but who are negative solely to annoy and harrass other people. Now, this is clearly NOT the case with RH, so I really believe all this animosity against him is absolutely uncallled for.
I understand the initial reaction of people - I have been reading his posts for a lot of years (!) now - and I still remember, that in the beginning I wasn't sure where to put his remarks myself(to put it VERY mildly!). But with some oberservation anyone can see that the intentions behind his comments are well ment - as he has said himself before - all he is doing is just ASKING FOR A BETTER PENTAX CAMERA! ... and aren't we all doing that?
(and his bans from those forums were all mostly connected to this total misconception of his intentions methinks)

Anyhow, RH dont let those people get to you! I know it can be extremly frustrating to just want to contribute and only get negatives in return - but you have been around longer than most of those people, and even after they are long gone back to obscurity, you will still be read my people who appreciate your observations! Keep up your good work and thanks for all your work!

Anonymous said...

I support "Peter"s Post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ricehigh,

I have read most of your posts on your site and have learned much. Thank you for that.
I am sad to see you not share your observations at Pentaxforums any more.
Please reconsider.
Remember, if you don't post there those who benefit from your ideas lose and those who dislike your ideas win.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, Ricecakes. It is about time you got banned. Are you trying to set a world's record for getting kicked off camera forums?

RiceHigh said...

Thanks Peter and the two Anonymous follows Peter's post.

As for I should stay at the PentaxForums to make a "balance". Why I need to bother? And can I do anything WHEN the site owner has a stance and being afraid of something. And more importantly WHEN the offensive Mods are all there to attack and step on you?!

There is no real meaning for me to stay - its just a waste of my valuable time in my life!

Anonymous said...

RH, time to get your facts tightened up - one is contradictory - here's why:

Here is my last farewell post at the PentaxForums. In fact, I expect that would possibly be deleted very shortly. But up till now it was just closed by that Marc Langille whom is just a Radical Hypocrite and Lier but nothing else.

Your quote:
Now, the thread has yet been closed again, but that hypocrite and radicalist Marc Langille is still lying in his last reply before his closed the thread. I have some responses here to unveil his mask and his lies:-

What's interesting is that you claim Marc closed it, but the last post was closed by Peter Zack. You posted it yourself that Peter Z. closed it??

06-13-2009 11:27 PM I am Leaving the PentaxForums! Goodbye, Folks!!
Forum: Pentax News and Rumors Peter Zack Closed Thread

This makes me start to wonder what is truth (since we are only hearing your side) and what is an interpretation of the truth. Check your facts and get them straight?

However, I did see more than a few posts you didn't choose to include and the fact that you've selectively hand picked what suits your over-reaction to a warning. That is a true shame. I do enjoy your information in the posts, although this continuation is actually harmful in my mind to you.

I looked at the posts and you seem to be reacting well beyond the scope of a warning. I read the personal attacks against you and those are most unfortunate. I am very sorry to see those - I feel for you on that matter.

I wish you the best - take care.

RiceHigh said...

What's the significance of who closed/deleted/locked which of my threads and posts? I just won't bother further. They worked together!

Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that Adam restored the post ("Pentax was Contax") shortly thereafter... (see moderator actions you posted). So now you single out an individual for something that was rectified shortly thereafter that seems to have been a simple mistake? It seems a warning against you was valid and yet your reaction is caustic - calling people "radical hypocrite and liar"? That is (just part of) a very strong reaction by you for a warning - no points, no banning.

Ultimately only 1 post was closed - the last post was closed due to personal attacks against you by people other than the moderators. That means they (mods) were stopping the personal attacks. That was clearly specified in the posts. You only received a warning and they clearly indicated they wanted everyone to observe the rules, nothing more. That's why they closed/locked the thread - to prevent personal attacks against you!

I am not against you - again, those personal attacks were most unfortunate!!! 8-(

RiceHigh said...

> That's why they closed/locked the thread - to prevent personal attacks against you!

Hey man, this is naive, I'm afraid.

They have been deleting/editing/closing/locking my threads and posts for long without any good reason many many times. Yes, it's true Adam has un-done many things but the intenion of those "Mods" is rather clear. I think it's time for me to go. It's all meaningless to stay there any further.

Anonymous said...

PF is like a "click in high school" if you have the same thoughts as they do you will fit in fine at PF. You mistake was joining in the first place. Yea there is no bias at PF....

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