Monday, June 08, 2009

One More K-7 Video Sample (Interesting)

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But, nearly all the videos in the joined clip (except the very first one) have no focus adjustment of any kind during recording. Well, I think you can see the effect of the occasional lack of focus. That may create a kind of effect as desired but on the other hand *when* you want the subject to be in focus most of the time or even just *sometimes*, then I am sure you will miss the proper focus a lot (and me too).


Anonymous said...

"all the videos in the joined clip have no focus adjustment of any kind during recording" - Doesn't the very first part show the dog out of focus and the flowers in focus and it slowly fades from the foreground to the background where the dog is.

RiceHigh said...

Yes, you're right, for the first 4 seconds, thanks for pointing this out.

Joe Blues said...

Then wouldn't it be right to put that correction in your article in order to make it just a little bit closer to the truth ?

RiceHigh said...

If I edit the article, then the conversations in the Comments section will look a bit strange and some people may have no idea on what'is talking about. In fact, that was what I did in the past but some people simply didn't like it. :-(

Btw, I agree that it'd be better to correct it - I shall add a remark.

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