Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Retail K-7 Unboxing at Japan

Well, the first sample was taken at ISO 200 and I can only see visible noise in the grey background and the subjects are soft and resolution is low:
(Warning: Very Large Original File!)

The second ISO 100 sample don't look better neither, noise is still there and the subject is not sharp:

The third sample is of ISO 800, now the subject is sharper but noise is very obvious and colour noise are all there:

Do note that the DA 35 prime was used this time and it just proves that the new kit lens is just junk! Or, the AF is not accurate with the kit lens. Either of the above two possibility is no good indeed!

The last one is with the DA 35 at ISO 200, I do find it is nothing special indeed:

After viewing these, I am afraid that the production K-7s are just making NO difference against those "pre-production" ones, for what the previous mediocre samples that have been shown! And, maybe even the K20D produces sharper pictures with less noise! And, I hate colour noise! (anyone will like?) Too bad..

I shall update more when the user or other new K-7 users upload more samples. I always hope that I am wrong for what I have seen and these are not real. But objectivity tells me that these are all TRUE!

Update (6-28): More sample photos by the new Japanese K-7 users uploaded!

1. ISO 3200 K-7 Vs K20D:

2. More high ISO samples (800 - 3200):

3. Other samples:

I write no further comment this time. I blog, you judge!


Anonymous said...

Considering the sharpness of the kit lens: The pics where taken wide open (f/5.6) at the 55mm setting. AFAIK the Pentax 18-55 design was never noted for best perfomance at the long end.

RiceHigh said...

Not really, all my old DA 18-55 lenses are sharper! But this new double priced WR 18-55 seems to be an under-performer! :-( said...

How unwise all these statements based on some pictures, that could have been done better!!!

Wait for your own K-7, go out and shoot - and them come here again and make some noise...

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Often the first comments received voluntarily are from those perceiving problems. The confusion would not have happened had Pentax given the testers the for-sale configurations.

Now the door is open, and people will be micro-inspecting anything.

I expect that the DPREVIEW review will take longer, as whatever they come up with, someone will jump on them. If they're negative, the fanboys will post endlessly as to their perception of DPREVIEW's bias.

"Objectivity" seems a word not present in the fanboy lexicon. They seem more interested in justifying their own aspirations than taking a hard look at what's being delivered for $1300.

Look on Google News for "Pentax K-7" - where's the press coverage? Just two offsetting stories re the sensor.

2009 said...

Hello. Please enjoy k-7 Samples from japan.


Anonymous said...

fix you samples :D

Anonymous said...

The 18-55 and 50-200 WR are optically identical to their non-WR cousins.

Anonymous said...

RiceHigh, Your old DA 18-55 are sharper because you use a lower MP camera. Downsize to 6 or 10 MP, then look again.

jaad75 said...

Rice, you hate color noise and use a Canon? Isn't that a little bit strange?...:P
And how can you say your 18-55 is sharper, if you've never had a chance to try it on a high resolution camera? Your statements are half-truths as always.
O, and BTW - I don't see anything particularly bad with those samples, it's surely because I'm the one of those famous "fanboys" in your eyes... Buhahaha... You're such a ridiculous person...

Anonymous said...

Rice, you try to make sure of himself not to buy K-7.
There is no camera with very low noise at high ISO without loss of contrast, details, resolution, colour.
If you can understand IT, you should understand that Pentax makes good job. If you know physics badly, it's hard to help you. 1Ds Mark III has no any miracles at high ISO or Canon 50D.

Anyway, you have a 4 level of noise-reduction in camera and RAW convertor to work under noise.

It's also funny to read about sharp DA18-55 first version.
It's not bad at f8 at 6 MP camera. And it's ALL.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting the moment when Rich start to work under "humiliation of K-7"...If you don't want to buy K-7, and have no money, it is so mean to do things like that.

Anonymous said...

Given that the quoted pictures were taken and posted by someone who happily confessed they are not much of a photography expert (in the thread at DPR), I don't see how we can conclude anything at all from them, other than the fact that the camera is now starting to reach the market.

Most recent magazine and professional tests of the beta versions have commented that noise performance of the new camera is good. And given Pentax's sensible philosophy of preferring retain detail rather than process out all the noise (like Canon and Nikon do) that sounds good enough for all but people who think they can get something (perfect ISO 1600 and above) for nothing.

We've seen good photos from people such as Frank on Pentax Forums. Why can't RH acknowledge, therefore, that the camera is capable of delivering the goods when used by competent people, instead of this rather pathetic continual criticism of something that he has not actually used himself? This site bears no relation to "objectivity"; objectionable is closer to the mark.

Anonymous said...

If the man want to see only black sides, nobody can help him to see white. There is very good proverb:
"The pig can find mud everywhere"

PeterZheng said...

Hello Rice,

My here gov take to block the blogger, also I has cut down some interest as Pentax.

I just today read it (PentaxForums). I can understand your descriptive situation.

Some gunmen can get the gain. However, that is not only a PentaxForums, like DPR's Pentax forum also are these gunmen. Also, over there would have several fool fanboys to kicks up a row.

Some gunmen take to swear black as white. Anyone, which you cannot reflect the "negative".

Who is victim? Consumer! Especially several fool fanboys.

Rice, you should be no longer devoting one's mind to Pentax! I want to hear your review on Nikon or Canon, as the multiformity! Take the more contrast in between several manufacturers.


PeterZheng said...

Eos5d fall off its own mirror as some batch, K10D has also fall off its own mirror!

Look here:

Anonymous said...

Rice, why do you have this blog again? Who pays you to tag every post with "issues"? Are you referring to yourself?

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear Ricehigh,
The photo review linked above concludes that the K7 is a very good camera, You use extracts from the review to disagree, They say very good image quality,
and you say bad image quality.
This is very confusing. Maybe you should just use your Canon be happy, and start a Canon blog instead.

PeterZheng said...

DPR's Pentax forum or Pentaxforum already were not trustiness, over there have some gunmen that they are very domineering. Some gunmen take to swear black as white. Which you will cannot reflect the "negative" problem.

If some gov tries to control the public voice, then some Hesperian of web-forums (fact business) are more like dirty trick, a same way to breach on authenticity and free speech, but they are nominally " democratic world ". If Hesperian have no an institutional system as a strong safeguard, which Hitler 2nd would be too easily.

We consumer need to hear about “positive”, a same thing we need to hear about “negative”, but the “negative” would more be valuable. Also, the more feedback will help the manufacturer to their product improves.

Manufacturer would not tell about “negative” to consumer, but the consumer can feed back the problem.

If a forum was virtually became an ad's big case, what value is it continues? Good to good? Would RiceHigh also go to a same way in the future (if him powerful after)?

Anonymous said...

I hope to see pictures taken by better photographers, before I make my judgement about the IQ...A good photograher can make extraordinay pictures with the simplest camera.

/ Peter, Sweden

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