Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to the New Pentax Online Discussion Community!

It is a New Pentax Community for all Pentaxians with Freedoms, Equality and Harmonies!

Since I established a new Discussion Group on Pentax a few days ago, 50 new members have already joined and free discussions on various interesting topics have already started. My warmest welcome to all the new members and my big thanks!

All the ongoing latest discussions and posted messages can be found directly at:-

(You can Bookmark This Page, the Archive is Public and can be viewed by anyone.)

You're cordially invited to join our new community and discuss freely with due respect to one and each others with total equality! I do believe with our common interests in our hobby and the brand Pentax, much fruitful discussions can be achieved over there!

To be one of the earlier members of the new Group, Join Now! See you~

If you have a question to ask and intend to seek opinions, advice and assistance, I am sure members of the Group will help you in a truly friendly and much helpful way, and me 2!


JJ said...

yahoo groups are a terrible format, soo difficult to navigate and read, i would look if i didn't feel like i was going backwards in time to some sort of BBS service...

RiceHigh said...

They have already made quite some improvements since the old days. Nonetheless, I agree that there are still some room for improvement, anyway.

The Yahoo Groups have a nice feature though - the daily digest, which will send you by email. It's a good summary and fast and easy to read and could save you a lot of time.

And, do remember to click "View All Messages" and then "Group By Topic". It will not be so difficult and different afterall!

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