Friday, December 04, 2009

Don't Join Any Forum that Has Censorship and Heavy Filtering

Very Recent Show Cases of 3, at the Pentax "Forums":-

Don't join any of these when the site owner dares to do injustice things in such unreasonable ways. It totally defeats the primitive purposes and the value of what a forum was originally set up for! @_@

And when people are trying to control the freedom of speech and try to hide/edit/delete the opinions and try to diminish reported facts that they don't like. It deteriorates to just kind of extreme personal preferences that can be remained afterall, the "forum" will NOT be a *public* *community* anymore, which should be intended for sharing and free discussions. In fact, what the PF King and His Guys are doing are just being too disrespectful of others, although most of the victims are just ordinary "members" instead of those more honourable "site supporters" or even sudden "site moderators" who have more privileges and far more powers, respectively! :-o.

If you observe the same and feel the same, Join Mine! The link is here:-

And the current message list and discussions are here:-
(You can choose to "View by *Topics*"..)

I guarantee free discussions as long as posts are human and one respects each other in a civilised manner. Any discussions on any issues are 200% welcome and any questions asked for help will not be modified, edited or even deleted.

Also, if you post a question, I shall try my best to answer once when I have the time and when I have some useful information to provide. If you report an issue, I shall investigate further into your case and if it is a real or common issue, I may include your provided information here, at my Blog.

Thank for your participation! See you~ (And my Warmest Welcome if you will be there! :-))

P.S. 1:-
In fact, if I am a Pentaxian that I have to choose between the DPR Pentax SLR Forum and the Pentax "Forums", I will choose the former without a second thought at this moment as DPR will not do evil things now the PF emperior is doing to his members, nor, the fact is that DPR does NOT earn any money / get any income directly from the users (so that the users are separated into different levels and ranks and with different privileges and powers/rights overthere, just because their (monetical) "contributions" are different!).

P.S. 2:-
Well, I think I'm a super open-minded person (:-)) who always allows totally different voices (or even accept uncivilised personal attacks on me at my own site from time to time, to a certain extent - well, I have adopted to that common phenomenon already for particular blind brand fanboys over years). I have even set up a place for some people to air it out for their different opinions. Here it is:-


If you just want to write and make a set of complete opposite statements and voice against my this Blog (and my opinions expressed here), you're welcome to join! I shall let you to speak as far as the basic rules of being civilised and polite and being respectful to each others are observed (and of course no foul language is allowed).

My unshakeable belief is that the truth is going to be found out via debates and discussions with different opinions and evidences which are to be provided!

Okay, also see YOU There!~ (If YOU have a different thinking against mine!)

P.S. 3:-
If you have some Pentax gear questions to ask, I encourage you to post to my Yahoo Pentax Group above instead of dropping me personal emails, as your question can be read by other members and more useful answers would be got. More importantly, the answers to your case can be shared. Still, if you think that it would be more desirable to drop me a private email, I would yet answer your questions at my best, when time allows - that's my promise made years ago - I have never missed replying one email, I think (but of course hatred emails will all be completely ignored, as usual).

On the other hand, if you have some "secret" and special information to be provided, please continue to give me the valuable information (or for the first time!) and I shall see if I should and can post those at my Blog! Those unique and not widely known information will be much welcomed and appreciated!! :-D

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