Thursday, December 03, 2009

POLL for K-x Users: Does the FW 1.01 Cure the Battery Problem?

Actually, the battery problem reports of K-x have been coming up endlessly, here is yet another recent user report that I have seen:-

With the introduction of the firmware update version 1.01, it is officially claimed that the battery issue is tackled. Whilst I have great doubt on how firmware could cure hardware problem, I leave it open for K-x users here to report, to see if the firmware really works!

So, here is the Poll, if you are a K-x user, please participate. Your participation will be much appreciated and will surely help others:-

Does the K-x Firmware 1.01 Cure the Battery Problem?

Select your case:-
Yes, I encountered the problem before and now the problem is now resolved!
No, there is no difference and the problem persists!
I have not encountered any problem with the original firmware with my K-x!
(Direct URL of the Poll Page:

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