Monday, December 21, 2009

The NX is Not K-Mount. (So, let's forget about it from now on!)

Three pictures of the upcoming Samsung NX10 are leaked. As previously rumoured and expected, Samsung uses a new mount of their own for their NX system. (Thus, it is NOT a K-mount.)

Since it is not having a K-mount, I think from now on we Pentaxians can forget about this body and system as it is clearly not compatible. I see no reason neither that I shall continue to report more about the upcoming NX news in the future as it is nothing related to Pentax and it is not a K-mount (compatible) system!

Moreover, this NX10 is utter ugly in outlook, I have to say. From the printed words of "14.6 Mega Pixels", I bet it uses the same sensor as the K-7, which has been tested to be noisy and has inferior Image Quality by the sensor itself.

I bet the NX system will be a complete failure. Atheistic wise, the Oly EP and Pana GF are far better. Lens quality and reputation wise, Oly and Leica are surely better. System wise, m4/3 is undoubtedly a better and wiser choice with higher popularity and investment in the m4/3 system is surely much safeguarded than investing in an orphan system like the NX, very frankly.

The NX system don't look small neither, especially for the viewfinder structure and part.

With all the cons but without any pro that I can think of right now, what's the reason to choose the NX? Who will choose it?? :-< :-o

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