Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow! Merry (K-)X'mas @ Odaiba Japan (by Pentax)


Well, does those K-x bodies weather proof, btw? Even though they do not have a (weather-sealed) lens mounted on each of them? ;-D (But that Christmas Tree is putting Outdoor! :-o The weather-proofing ability of Pentax DSLRs are really Amazing! Lol..)

Update (1-16): Those K-xes are Dummy Units! I have seen one myself at a camera shop recently! I also picked it up to inspect for a while, the dummy K-xes are for demonstration purpose only and it only has the outer part but nothing inside. Ditto for the dummy DAL kit lens, which only has the front glass element.

Well, the dummy kit is very light and I believe it is the lightest interchangeable digital camera kit in this planet! Pentax once again has succeeded in making the world's (light)est! Congrats! ;-D

I will try to take some photos of the dummy kit for a closer look for your folks next time, if I have the chance! :-)

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