Thursday, December 02, 2010

New K-5 Review with Full Real-life Samples (Japanese)

(in Japanese, Google-translated English page here) via Information on Digital Cameras.

Well, as before, I don't like the colour rendition and the image softness, which is still existent even at the lower ISO and that's what really bugs me for the lower IQ and field performance of the K-5. As for the higher ISO images, we see more obvious noise this time. The exposure accuracy is not good neither, the reviewer applied EV compensations most of the time.

Speaking of the K-5, Amazon has offered a discount for the standard 18-55 kit set after the "Black Friday" and the "Cyber Monday". Now the kit is just at some cents less than (US)$1,600 and is yet one dollar cheaper than the K-5 body-only offer! On the other hand, there is no K-5 body (alone) offer at the B&H, as it has been run out of stock.

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