Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest DxOMark Lens Test Results for the DA35/2.4

On a K-5..:-

Other test data are also available for the same lens when putting on other Pentax bodies, for example, here is a comparison amongst K-5, K-m and the K20D with the DA35/2.4, actually in descending order for the overall DxO Lens Score, i.e., with the K-m, the combo performs better than with the K20D!

If you want to compare the DA35/2.4 lens to other 35mm focal lenses of other brands on other DSLRs, there is always the DxO comparison tool for the measurbation. Below is an example for K-5+DA35/2.4 Vs Nikon D5000+DX35/1.8G Vs Sony A550+A35/1.4G:-

Happy measurbation and *endless* "comparison"! Good luck! ;-D

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