Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pentax DSLR is Not a Machine Gun II

If you're bored and have nothing better to do today, you can watch this! ;-D


The Pentax gun shows up for a few second in the "battle", but it is only used by a sniper, I believe! :-o ;->

Up next from the YouTube, here is yet another video clip by the same author, in which the full frame D700 with a super telephoto lens is compared to the Fuji Superzoom HS20. Well, after viewing you should decide if you really want a Full Frame camera or just a prosumer! ;-)


I found the video is somehow too lengthy and as such it is boring. But anyway, YMMV!


K-5 Continuous Shooting Does 3 Frames Only! If and When..

K-5 Vs K-7 AF-C Speed / Frame Rate Head-to-Head Comparison

A K-r Hands-on Preview and Comparisons

Measurebated: K-7 is NOT a Machine Gun! :-(

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