Friday, May 20, 2011

My K-r Burnt my Sandisk and Went Nuts! :-(

Had a tour to the Hong Kong's highest observation deck, the Sky 100, with my Gold/Brown #107 K-r.

I went up there for an hour and took some good shots (I believe ;-)). When I decided to leave and wanted to shoot a few more group photos with my family, my K-r hanged up and my Sandisk Ultra 16GB SD card was burnt!! The problem only happens when I shot some continuous single frames in a chain a while back! >:-(

All the photos were lost and I am still trying some ways to recover them but I am not too optimistic for the data recovery, for what so far I have tried..

The following is the "death" combo:-

The burnt card is a Sandisk Ultra 16GB SDHC.

Each time when I put back that killed card back to my K-r, the camera tries very hard to read and recognise it:-

Until then it finally gives up, and shows a "memory card error" message:-

But the strangest thing is that the K-r was put into a disordered status after that, even with another healthy card put back into it:-

Note that everything has been gone wrong afterwards, it shows ISO 0. Yes, ISO ZERO!! :-o

Actually, an AF lens was mounted (it is the FA43 Limited in this case) but it shows MF (yet the body turns the AF lens!). The SR has also been disabled and so on!

The status screen will then be turned off ever and it will not show up again, until the battery is picked out of the camera and re-inserted!

Really terrible!! >:-{


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